Tuesday, 24 January 2012


it's almost 1 and half years already!!! hehe, only counting the day of my involvement with this felt craft.fall in love with colorful world of felt.learn with full of joy...let's have fun with me. those who are new with this craft and still looking for a great hobby, part time job...felt craft is the best one for you to learn. You can enjoy and make money with no worries. If you want me to help...just email me. there's also kits available in my store for you to explore this craft.
    After i get used to felt, i moved another step by using flanel and pvc.flanel?pvc?not familiar with these two item?i'll explain later in other incoming post. ermmm wait for my new creation. but now, all of work have to be postponed because of my tesis writing. pray for me, have to submit them in february :( compulsory???. need to continue my study :) see you all next time, enjoy my blog :D

INFO: new item arrived.wait for the update.

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