Thursday, 26 January 2012

NNS-older creation for new order

Ermmmm I just want to share my older creation for you guys as a model for your order.all designs or types is still available upon request :) enjoy the rest of the pictures.


photo frame/ID card holder

jika photo frame kita tambah stand kat belakang or penggantung
jika ID card holder, kita pasangkan tali untuk gntung kat leher. :)

hair clip

deco for bag/ box/ gift

flower for [email protected] etc

flower for brooches @ etc

flower for brooches @ etc

mokona hpstrap

paper clip



[email protected]@hp strap
antara contoh cupcake utk gubahan-pic ni masa x gubah lagi, yg dh gubah...lupa letak mane gmbr hehe:) rugi

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