Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Multi-compartments storage box and multi purpose drawer

New products in NNS store!!! Storage box to keep your craft items,save and neat :)

18 compartments storage box - RM8/pc
SALES: 2pcs for RM 14.50 - stock update: 1 unit left

other then this box, we also provide 5 compartments box, S size. only RM2.90 (RM5/2pcs)-available color: white and green only :)   ~sold out~

replace: m size box, 6 compartments, RM 4/pc~~~but 2 units left

multidrawer - rm12.90 (blue, green and red)

Monday, 27 February 2012


Although my thesis writing is still in progress and need more journal hands can't wait any here they and hair accessories.

flower for brooch

flower for brooch

lady bug hair clip-alligator hair clip

ribbon hair clip - french clip

there's a lot more handmade item listed in my mind but...thesis ooooo thesis :). all above items, i only used materials that easily grabbed from my study desk hehe.

can't wait to show all of you my creation on flower hand bouquet, egg bag/ box, flower for egg (bunga telur).

Sunday, 26 February 2012

2 more days left...!

Two more days left for feb sales! let's grab the items with the lowest price ever :)

for felt and flanel lovers...special promotion still on the go...

Friday, 24 February 2012



-10 pcs polyester felt (mix color)- 15cm x 15 cm
-2 pcs wool felt -15 cm x 15 cm
-2 pcs black hp strap
-2 pcs color hp strap
-2 pcs silver keychain ring
-20 pcs mix color button
-1 pack fiber fill
-1m black and thick thread
-1 pc alligator clip
-1 pc snap clip
-4 pcs plain grosgrain ribbon (10cm each color)
-2 pcs charm bells
-1 pc round brooch button/ normal brooch button

only RM30 per pack ****price including POSTAGE!!!!

5 packs in store :)

- although only 5 pack offered, over than 10 packs sold coz requested by nns still open for new order. welcome :)

p/s:sorry again...missed the figure for grosgrain ribbon.color:blue,white,striking green and yellow (can request to mix or change with printed grosgrain ribbon)

 ~sold out~


Drop your name here or email or sms me for pre-order.Last date 5th March 2012. The more the merrier :) For latest price please pm me. This time, i put one condition for item purchase must be rm100 or more.You may order in variety pattern or repeated. The price for every single ribbon is differ. pm me for the list :)...but SPECIAL FOR YOU...POSTAGE IS FREE....:)

butterflies-pink, orange and yellow

mini cupcakes



flutterflies-blue and pink

heart-pink,blue,green, purple,soft pink

lady bug

cupcakes-pastel color

cupcakes-bright color


reminder!!! :)

...." orang yang tidak dilalaikan oleh perdagangan dan jual beli dari mengingati ALLAH, melaksanakan solat, dan menunaikan zakat. Mereka takut kepada hari ketika hati dan penglihatan menjadi goncang (hari Kiamat). (mereka melakukan itu) agar ALLAH memberi balasan kepada mereka dengan yang lebih baik daripada apa yang telah mereka kerjakan dan agar Dia menambah kurnia-Nya kepada mereka. Dan ALLAH memberi rezeki kepada sesiapa sahaja yang Dia kehendaki tanpa batas." -an-Nur: ayat 37-38

Saturday, 18 February 2012

One more day left...for flanel lovers' special promotion!

The end date for plain flanel's special promotion will due on 20th of feb. So one more day left.let's drop your order today :)

this fabric widely used in our daily life.from baby use to workshop usage.the material is thicker cotton and a little bit minky :) suitable for pillows, baby blanket or baby sleeping set.For crafter...this fabric can be used for crafting. i love this fabric very much because no easy fluffy compared to felt. For more info, you can contact me as soon as possible :)

Mencari pemborong fabric...flanel, felt dan cotton (wholesaler,reseller,dropship)

Now opened for wholesale again! Good offer for wholesaler @ reseller @ dropship. NNS prepared 3 major types of fabric mainly involved in creative world. Here is the list:

-wool felt
-polyester felt
-plain flanel
-printed flanel
-printed cotton

if you interested, please pm me or drop your email at the comment site below, then i'll give you detail price for each of them.tq.this offer valid while the stock last. :)

2nd option: if you also interested in making big order (bulky) for my other stuff like button, hp strap, ribbon etc...please leave your email add too or pm me.

3rd option: if you wish to make a large order for my handmade item, please do that by giving me details for your order for big event like wedding, party, reseller etc.get your 30% discount for any order in February 2012 (with specific minimum order for every handmade item! eg: min 50 pcs for keychain or min 40pcs for hp strap with name).


~closed for dropship~ welcome for wholesaler and reseller :)

Friday, 17 February 2012


min size: 1m

Printed flanel set 1

printed flanel set 2

printed flanel set 3

PRINTED FLANEL : normal price RM 13/m
special promotion: rm9/m (but min: 5m and above)

cotton set 1

cotton set 2

cotton set 3
normal price: rm7/m
SPECIAL PROMOTION: RM 5.50/M (but min 5 m)


polyester felt 43 colors available now!!!
- Firm type, no easy fluffy
-size: 30 cm x 30 cm : RM2.50/pc, special promotion : rm10/5 pcs/5 colors
-size: 30 cm x 15 cm : RM 1.50/pc, special promotion : rm 10/7 pcs/7 colors
-size: 15 cm x 15 cm : RM 1.00, special promotion : rm9/10 pcs/10 colors


15 colors available
size: A4 (RM 2.50) and 1/2 A4 (RM1.30)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feb sales!!!

Grab 5 selected item this month. PM me...because these item are limited. :)

1) hp strap color/ black only

-mix color (as shown)
-normal price rm0.30/pc @ rm0.25/pc (black only)
-sale: rm2.70/12pcs (color)
-sale: rm2.50/12pcs (black only)

2) round brooch pin

round brooch pin

-sale: rm2.80/12pcs

3) colorful round button A

-normal price: rm5/40pcs
-sale: rm4.50/50pcs
-mix color (add more color like: pink, purple,dark purple,blue, dark blue,red,black,pale green and orange)

4) grosgrain ribbon






 10 m for rm9 only- normal price rm18 for 10m
contain: 2 m of each ribbon (above pics)

5.Eyelet ring

eyelet ring (normal round)
sale : rm3.90 for 50 pcs

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Great news for flanel lovers-special promotion

Here they stock for flanette. 10 colors available now, get the special promotion price till 20th Feb 2012.

-hot pink
-soft pink
-soft green

Normal price: rm11.50/m (plain)
special promotion : rm100/10m/10colors (1m for each color-can choose ur favourite color if still available) but buy more than 15 m...i'll give you another price.the lowest ever!

Flanette @ flanel cotton fabric is suitable for many usage from baby use to workshop usage.but my specialty is in craf hehe. normally people use this fabric as baby binder, baby wrap, surface cleaner cloth etc. In craft, they use to make keychain and pillows and many other thing because it 's easy to cut into desired shape. PM me if interested :) just 50 m provided for this special promotion. Early bird will get the best! First come, first serve k.:) if you wish to see the clear picture of this fabric...i'll upload them within 48hrs.if you need to see them in this short while...please pm me and freely email you the picture.

green, red, soft pink,orange,blue (not in the picture: yellow, white, soft green, hot pink,peach)

 tq to my loyal and also new customer :) enjoy e-shopping again~

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

New item-feb stock

This month, add a few new items and re-stock some items. Enjoy the pictures

bubble grosgrain ribbon (N) - rm1.50/m - 10 colors

flowery and shiny ribbon (N) - rm1.80/m - 10 colors

love grosgrain ribbon (N) - rm1.50/m- 10 colors

abstract grosgrain ribbon (N) - rm1.80/m - 10 colors

double lining ribbon (N) - rm1.80/m-10 colors

simple round button A- 10-11mm (R)- rm4.90/40pcs-30 colors available

shiny button- 15 mm (N)-rm4.50/12pcs-12 colors available

big button B -17-20mm (2 holes) (N)-rm4.50/10pcs- 12 colors availble

waiting for cute image.... R-re-stock, N-new item,

-hair clips (N) - rm3.50 for 10pcs

-round brooch pin (R) - rm3.50/10pcs  

-black hp strap (R)- rm0.25/pc

-keychain ring (R) - rm0.35/pc

-charm bell (N) - rm1 for 7pcs-colorful

-colorful hp strap (R) - rm0.30/pc

-suction cup (N) - rm0.35/pc

-43 color polyester felt (N & R) - 15x 15 cm -rm1.00/pc, 15 x 30 cm = rm 1.50pc, 30 x 30 cm = rm2.50/pc

-plain flanel (R) - rm11.50/m

-PVC sheet (N) - 1/2 A4 = rm1.30, -A4 = rm2.50

-alligator clip (R) - rm 3.50 for 10pcs
-french clip (R) - rm3.50 for 10pcs